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PO Achievers

Documents Upload (Secured link)
For All Purchase orders (POs) Achieved Independent Contract Recruiters

It's mandatory for all the Independent Contract Recruiters (ICRs) to upload below required documents after achieving first C2C/1099 Purchase orders (POs) with Cloud BigD. We will
      process your incentive payments only after receiving ALL the below documents:

I hereby declare that I have "Work Authorization/ Work Permit/ Employment Visa" to work in India?


Thank you for visiting Cloud BigD India Operations Web Page. If you would like to know about the availability of Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) Opportunity in your home country, please contact us via e-mail at Our Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) support team would assist you at the earliest.

  • *Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) Name
  • *Independent Contract Recruiter (ICR) CBD Email ID
  • 1. *Upload Signed Copy of Exhibit-2:
    (Filetypes: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, Word, Pdf)
  • 2. *Upload Signed Copy of Exhibit-3:(Filetypes: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, Word, Pdf)
  • 3. *Upload Copy of PAN Card (Permanent account number)

    (Filetypes: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, Word, Pdf)

  • 4. *Upload Copy of Cancelled (VOID) Check (For Direct Deposit)

    (Filetypes: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, Word, Pdf)

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