Working Capital
wcpCloudBigD’s capital management has helped some of the leading corporates and organizations release substantially large amounts in cash through our working capital solutions. Managing working capital is of immense importance across any and every business operation. However, the managerial section needed to manage the capitals, funds and the economy is mostly underrated.

With our proven expertise, strategic approach, customizable customer relationship and analytical diligence, we are ardent to provide best-in-class fund operations, economically sound and sustainable capital management for better growth prospects. Our strategic approach toward a reliable and sustainable capital management relies upon few principle understandings; Managing checklists, and both incoming and outgoing ledger. These methods are more than just the strategies to improve the working capital, reduction in the business risk and healthy returns at variable levels.

These services are designed specifically to assist our clients helping themselves in cost management, managing the cash inflow and outflow more strategically eventually attaining a more financially stable and growing operational approaches.

What do we offer?
At CloudBigD, we have a well-planned, well-researched and carefully designed working capital management program (WCM) to help you manage your finances and capital in a more trending and secure way. Our WCM strategies include:

  • Establishing financial targets, funds/cash flow for any business operation based on an extensive, comparative and manageable assessment.
  • To improve capital across businesses, a careful study of the opportunities, associated risk: benefit ratio is established. This benchmarking is carried out from both; quantitative as well as qualitative point of view.
  • Running a simulation of the capital as well the cost-enabled operation on a limited scale before scaling up the program whilst keeping the conditions – risk, financial loss, etc.
  • Establishing authentic and reliable qualitative as well as quantitative performance benchmarking.
  • Establishing metrics and web-based tools to accurately gauge the performance and the operations.
  • Enabling the additional business operation-induced capital gains via support tools and recommendations.

Many of the aforementioned strategies are being embraced as hard-hill challenges by many organizations; however, meeting addressing those challenges and that too in a more sophisticated, well-researched and improved way can make a difference. At CloudBigD, we provide the collaboration you require in order to achieve and drive forward the operations toward improved productivity and financial gains.

Managing capital business of an enterprise is tough, thus we at CloudBigD works to manage this services on client behalf to calculate Capital Assets of the business. Working Capital Management (WCM) depicts efficiency of a company and its financial aspects (comprising current assets/current liabilities). It gives a clear picture of the short term assets of the company or we can say short term debt.

To go in depth if WCM is <1 than it is negative W/C (working capital) and if WCM>2 than it represents company is not investing excess assets. Ideally, we should keep a ratio between 1.2 and 2.0. This ratio is the saturation point, termed as “net working capital”.Our consultants are expert in delivering world class working capital performance services to cross industries. Our professionals assess the cash flow objectives to improvise on performance optimization. Implementing WCM measures helps us in increasing business liquidity to manage the strategic investment of the business. These initiatives help us in improvising profitability and efficiency and minimizing capital cost. We ensure to minimize inventory and to improvise on payable balances.