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Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Independent Contract Recruiter:

Transaction Type:

 New ACH Set-Up Change Account Number & Financial Institution Cancellation

Payee Identification:

Payee Name:City:

State:PIN Code:

Phone:Email Address (for remittance):


Financial Institution Information

Bank Name: Account Number:

Branch Name:IFSC Code:

City: State:

PIN Code:

Branch Address:

Authorization for Setup, Changes, or Cancellation
I authorize CLOUD BIG DATA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (“CLOUD BIGD”), to process payments via Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) deposits to the financial institution and account designated above.I authorize CLOUD BIGD to demand immediate reimbursement for all amounts deposited electronically in error, after notification of error by CLOUD BIGD.If I decide to change or revoke this authorization, I recognize that I must forward such notice, via this form, to the address provided by CLOUD BIGD in the Agreement and allow reasonable time for CLOUD BIGD to act on the termination.I certify that I am authorized to contract for the entity receiving deposits pursuant to this Agreement, and that all information provided is accurate.





Information Regarding ACH Payments
After CLOUD BIGD receives and processes the ACH form, future payments to Contractor will be made in ACH format. Billing processed in the VMS before the ACH form is effective or after an ACH authorization is revoked will be paid by manual check and will be subject to the one percent (1%) administrative fee.Your designated contact will receive a remittance email on the day the payment is set up. After that email is received, payment should be posted by Contractor’s financial institution within 72-96 business hours.

*Upload Copy of PAN Card
(Permanent account number)

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*Upload Copy of Cancelled (VOID) Check (For Direct Deposit)

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