Webmail login

This portal is used by Cloud Big Data recruiters for correspondence. The credentials are provided to all the recruiters so as to ensure the streamlining of the recruitment by explaining the procedures and whatever deemed important for the candidates to complete the recruitment. Zimbra webmail portal is an open source cloud-based mail serves, with a powerful messaging application and capability to integrate with applications belonging to public as well as private domain. It offers great value and costs as compared to other email applications.
Some of the advantages of Zimbra email application

  • Connectivity to other third-party cloud-based email clients and Outlook Integration with fully hosted SaaS
  • Better user-interface than other cloud-based client servers, include advanced and feature-rich capabilities
  • Provides a more stable and seamless email interface
  • Ability to connect with personal cloud domains, and integration of calendars, contact book, tasks, etc. with other public domains
  • Integration ability with mobile devices for real-time management and access to emails
  • Offline working capability to ensure continuity of business operation and processes
  • Unified application support and application extensions
  • Secure data center, with multi-layered security systems information recording/archiving capability

Enhanced Process Optimization with Zimbra
Zimbra being an open source cloud-based email application allows users to change or customize the layout so as to suit the requisite of business. As a complete independent server, Zimbra allows full access and control of information to the user in a comprehensive manner. It integrates powerful admin tool that allows user to effectively manage and collate information as deemed by the operation.