Job Portal

job portal

Provides access to the details of bench consultants through which profiles of suitable candidates from a large pool can be easily identified and scrutinized. This portal works as the direct client requirement of Cloud Big Data.
Some of the features of job portal include:

  • Recruiters can post requirement based on the location and technical requisite of the organization
  • Recruiters can submit profiles of different candidates for specific roles
  • Allows direct access to candidate profiles
  • Recruiters need not necessarily have to have an ID access for posting requirements

Advantages of job portal

  • Publish jobs to clients and internal recruiters, in tiers or simultaneously
  • Allows direct communication between recruiters and managers
  • Streamline submittals and manage duplicates conveniently
  • Allows unlimited candidate portals for entering timesheets, expenses, and candidature
  • Allows unlimited portals for locating and receiving jobs and tracking and submitting profiles