VMS Cloud Portal

This portal functions as a self-service portal for recruiters to manage and standardize profiles for suitable positions. In order to access this portal, organizations provide credentials to the recruiters.
With this comprehensive portal, recruitersmanage complete vendor information, including profile information, finance and wages, certificates, and contracts, etc. This cloud-based portal allows easy access and management for applicant information and positions. The system also provides comprehensive on-time notifications of critical expiration and due dates and allows convenient management of candidature in real-time.
Features of VMS Cloud Portal

  • Recruiters have the leverage of managing different accounts, such as Cop2Cop/1099 and W2/Benchlist accounts
  • Recruiters can add/update information in public domain of benchlist, such as personal details, professional experience, visa information, etc.
  • Recruiters can post requirement which is specific to the organization only on C2C/1099 portal
  • Information of candidates working on the parent organization payroll can be access from W2 account

Advantages of job portal

  • Publish jobs to clients and internal recruiters, in tiers or simultaneously
  • Allows direct communication between recruiters and managers
  • Streamline submittals and manage duplicates conveniently
  • Allows unlimited candidate portals for entering timesheets, expenses, and candidature
  • Allows unlimited portals for locating and receiving jobs and tracking and submitting profiles
  • Information of candidates working on the parent organization payroll can be access from W2 account

Advantages of VMS Cloud Portal

  • he dynamic portal engine allows recruiters to configure and manage workflows and pages for gathering information vendors and organizations
  • Includes pre-built processes, such as vendor analysis, contract reviews vendor termination, and vendor polling
  • Allows the utilization of secondary accounts for managing information and transitioning profiles from one account to other
  • Comprehensive reporting and user-friendly dashboard for information access and profile shortlisting
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities for managing credentials on a network authentication and automated user login
  • Significantly reduce time and cost by organizing expenses and risk analyses
  • Provides detailed picture of consequences of associating with vendor
  • Consistent and standardized process for enhanced efficiencies
  • Centralized reporting for improved decision making and management of resources
  • Offers organized and structured information for convenient reviewing
  • Increases regulatory compliance