Vendor Management Solution
With the onset of technology, organizations are keener to address the changing pattern of market’s productivity and efficacy in a more profound manner. However, to manage such a hefty task, large amount of workplace resources are being put to test in order to attain such management. Eventually, resources and workforce are being used in a distorted manner to keep track of visibility and efficiency.

CloudBigD’s Vendor Management System (VMS) allows organizations to enhance the management associated with expense, risk and compliance factors required to address the total needs of any particular organization.We are changing the scenario of the VMS to enable organizations increase their productivity, product compliance, alignment with the compliances across different precincts.

Our Vendor Management System assists you to effectively deploy and manage services related to workforce – professional, consultation and contractual. Additionally, it also governs complete access to staff controls and services associated with expense management and invoice transactions. We help you leverage these services in a more strategic manner so as to effectively compete the enterprise human capital management service.


Some of the features of our VMS are:

  • Improved operational efficacy to control cost, establish market compliance and promote planning to execute operations comprehensively
  • Organized VMS strategies to deliver high quality measurable solutions to extend support to workforce
  • Agile analytics and advanced optimization procedures to decrease labor cost, optimize functional capability and straighten procedures to increase their put-to-practice efficiency
  • More fluent workforce solutions to address the need of both contractual as well as long-term association workforce

 Our Solutions
Tracking Expenses
For organizations and large-scale enterprise, managing resource expenses and contracts related to materials and productions can be a daunting task. However, our VMS solutions, being equipped with competitive methodologies and improved organization visibility, help to achieve the professional expenses in a more versatile manner. We deliver the solution by focusing on the natural progression of the cost, savings and the avoidance of the compliance, if any, to establish a more logical and efficient risk mitigation channel.

Our services help to manage these challenges in terms of billing rate, frequency of generation, time-to-market and invoice generation, spend (monthly, quarterly and annually) etc.

We also keep track of the expenses made through fixed or free payments. This specificity makes our VMS, one of the most agile solutions in vendor management on the basis of project and the local consumer. Together with analytics tool and technology-innovation interface, we are adamant to provide deep industry solutions, expanded girth to the expense scenario and accurate monitoring to manage budgets, reporting and status of each expense.

Contingent Planning and Management
Our vendor management solutions are equipped with the latest in-house strategies and tools to effectively monitor contingent as well as services associated with ex-organization transaction, SoW, independent projects and consumers.

These specific, client-oriented services are typically designed to keep the contingent process simple and easy to execute. As this forms one of the major challenges for organizations in this seminary, we provide simple and easy to use solutions for an effective hiring strategy for both managers and consumers.

Some of the in-built features of our VMS are as under:

  • Comprehensive identification network for contractual, full-time, dependent as well as independent contractors, hiring managers
  • Standardized control operations to monitor efficiency and capability
  • Improved measurable efficiency to better monitor the compliance of the end-vendor system
  • Improved reporting and management analytics

Global Outreach
Our vendor management services are specific to each country so as to provide customized, well documented solutions that are managed and operate at their own pace. For the solutions to be effectively deployed, we have integrated some of the easily available and apparently preferable technology applications to make it more agile and exposed on a much larger scale.

  • Data Security Management and Privacy
  • Employment History prior to  re-evaluation
  • Tax and Billing Calculations
  • Transaction Monitoring Solution (TMS)
  • Currency Conversion Ratio (CCR)

These technological integrations, together with the current standard of the VMS, we are obstinate to meet the challenges in a manner so as to turn them to more favorable opportunities while supporting the variations on the basis of locations and client specifications.

Our essential solutions are competitive in nature and allow us and our clients to remain one step forward with our objective and smooth approach for the challenges related to supplier management systems.

We are stringent to focus on the identification of the platform and the expertise to deploy the technology-oriented solutions and assistance by experts for the solution that typically evolve itself and adapt to the organization contemporary operations.

Some of most apparent advantages with our collaboration include:

  • Analyzing and assessing weak spots and space for any improvement
  • Enhanced operational planning and management of the resources
  • Optimized system integration for timely reports and decision making
  • Wider coverage for industries and organization to foster growth access to more versatile market
  • Multiple vendor management tools and systems
  • Improved collaborations with prospective buyers and consumers

Allow us to manage your vendor challenges so as to make your operations accessible to versatile market and more prospective clients for collaborations.