Recruiting Services
recrserA great team makes a great company. At CloudBigD, we realize the importance and value of a good candidate. However securing one is a very hectic and time consuming task. Out staffing solutions provides assistance in locating and securing quality professionals for executive, management and administrative posts.It doesn’t matter whether it’s a temporary staffing or permanent employment, we are adamant to keep your requirements justified and ensures to help you find the best fit for the assignment.

Hiring Talent
In order to avoid making a wrong decision based on misinterpretations and incomplete information, we outline certain strategies to help you make better recruitment decisions. Our tools are based on the integration of behavioral patterns and extensive research in this current arena to access the right information and make better decisions.Our Global Talent Acquisition (GTA) services are one of the most robust platforms, on which companies rely upon, to gain and retain some of the best minds in the industry. Besides the usual procedure, our GTA services enable you to access quality information and skilled labor at unparalled costs. Over the years, we have brought the business resourcing to the doorstep of the organization so as to expose them to a more diverse and opportunistic environment in talent acquisition.
Some of the features of our unparalled acquisition services are:

  • Lowest turnover of resources in the industry
  • Recommendation from the highly skilled and talented pool of workforce for each sector
  • Reduces costs related to certification and training
  • Flexible operation to scale your professional needs
  • Decreased IT contracting associated costs and enhance efficiency

 Our Expertise

  • Preparation precendently: To make the procedure more effective, we offer certain tools and programs to help you draft better questions to extract as much authentic information as you can.
  • Work correlation: Focusing more on the assignment and anything related to it.
  • Better overall process to guide you through the recruitment. This helps to make better accord at the end.

Strategic Consulting Service
Our strategic consulting service believes in your strategies not less than any functional plan. These services are well versed and drafted to make sure the strategy is finely executed and allows you to allocate your assets for better productivity.

Our Solutions
Concerted Strategy Consulting: This will benefit the organization by enabling it making discrete decisions that amount to its assets. This service makes sure you get the top most spot in terms making effective deals and decisions.
Economic Strategy Consulting: It involves company’s active approach and assisting it reaching its potential.
Market Consultation: With our vast coverage of the International markets, we expose our clients to untraced markets on non-familiar grounds. This will introduce a level of competency among the indigenous companies.
Growth & Sustainability: We assist companies transform policies to more sustainable and recyclable ones. It ensures better trends and safe policy handling in time to come.

Process Outsourcing
With the lead in the process outsourcing service we have, we proudly deploy our deep-industry experience together with the technical information resource to minimize the risks as well as to simplify the end-to-end services related to process outsourcing. Our services ensure complete benefit to the customer in terms of efficiency and operation capability.

Most of the companies, while optimizing their processes, end up with increases production cost complimenting lower output level. In order to address these issues, we optimize your operations and at the same time meeting the requirements for security, governance and process hindrances.With our expertise in the current market and best-in-class value added services, we are a leading provider to reliable, reproducible and secure outsourcing solutions. Our process consultation lies in the following forte:

  • Utilities and operations – Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing and Outsourcing – Supply Chain Management & Customer Service
  • Telecommunication – Analytics
  • Banking and Resource Management – Finance and Accounting
  • Analytics and Business Operations – Intelligent analytical operations to provide better and deeper insights so as to enhance the effectiveness of the professional operations, revenue and reduce the associated cost
  • Engagement Processing
  • Client-based risk-result management
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Human Resource and Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation Services – Product Support Services
  • Employment Screening

To make sure you land a perfect candidate based on the proper screening procedures, we provide screening solutions to help you achieve that perfect fit. Since your business is our utmost priority, you deserve nothing less than what you deserve. Thus for recruitment screening, we offer a timely, reliable and reproducible screening so that you hire the best at the right time.
Our benefits

  • Vast expanse to search and locate the best fit
  • Global coverage with superior country-specific optimization
  • Candidate information validation through exhaustive programs
  • Globally accepted identifiable information resource center
  • Percepting the existing resources to compliment the prospective candidate
  • Collaboration with leading agencies so as to deliver smooth verification and validation service
  • Authenticity of the information – quickly and reliably
  • Networking with federal agencies for up-front information about the social platform and the personal verification

Cloud Services

  • Physical Information Checks: Nationality, State, Area, Pin code
  • Criminal Information
  • Social security number
  • Reference check and validation
  • Education Validation
  • Credit Reports
  • DAC Online Verification
  • Workers’ Validation
  • Passport Validation
  • International/National background check
  • Drug testing
  • Vehicle Criminality Record
  • Industry-Specific Verification
  • Health Check
  • Previous Employment and Validation