Payroll Management Solutions
ap3At CloudBig D, we have flexible and affordable human resource and payroll management solution to meet the increasing demand of the organizations to value assets and save time. However, organizations tend to invest more time and resources, trying to organize the data sheets, benefits and wages, that ultimately add up to a pile of information. Though convenient to execute, it does have its associated hassle while reassessing and tangled-free usage.

Why Us?
Our flexible system addresses those needs in a more comprehensive and hassle-free manner. Our payroll solutions are equipped with tools to complement the human resource management aspects in a more robust and easy-to-access capability. These solutions are complete array of client-oriented services to make your work easier, reduce associated cost and the risk of tax filling and payroll management. We provide some of the most agile solutions that effectively integrate with your business operations so as to form an overall accessible solution – timely delivery of payroll information, returns, tax fillings and employee compensations. Our services are designed to give you the much needed flexibility to enhance your productivity and efficacy by reducing time-to-manage and cost. Additionally, it also enables you access and analyze detailed information on net returns, breakdowns prior to the release of the final data sheet. We are stringent to keep our services updated so as to reduce any chance of error in processing or deposits.

Some of the most apparent features that are seamlessly integrated to enhance the payroll processing and management are:

  • Taxi filling and detailed analysis of the expenses and requirement
  • Optimized Payroll processing
  • Direct integration to central access manager to reduce time for deposits
  • Improved HR management services
  • Globally accepted transaction cards, coupons and blue sheets
  • Advanced tools and mechanics to foster quick and secure monetary transactions
  • Ancillary services to manage HR needs including payments, history of compensation, employee benefits, cost to company schemes
  • Advances tools for workers and labors benefit reporting

Our services are essentially recommended in large corporations, enterprises and organizations that are generating large amount of data every day. Our features are best suited to promote:

  • Performance assessment, tracking analysis and recruitment
  • Management of bills – medical, insurance and claims
  • Planning and management of HR, resources and operational assets
  • Payroll and savings management
  • Data sheet planning and organization
  • Policies leave and time management
  • Disciplinary management
  • On-site training and demonstration planning
  • Self-assessment and appraisals

Our services are efficiently designed to optimize the staff processing information, compensations and deductions, if any, in accordance with the compliance of the company and other regulatory bodies. In addition, our payroll solutions are globally accepted in terms of their user-defined generated reports and data information sheets.

  • Our services allow you instantly access the workforce reports, information management systems and further integrate them to your respective modules for report processing respectively
  • Reminders for important organization dates, meeting, compensations and others
  • Central Manager Service (CMS) to ensure all the employees are equally effective in the smooth processing of the HR management so as to reduce the work load and promote efficacy
  • Upgraded and automated systems for hassle-free processing and complex management
  • User-friendly interface for and easy yet effective and resilient processing
  • CloudTrack Service to alert every important change in data sheets or user-defined reports
  • Local customizations and quality data integration to effectively reproduce the accuracy of the manual methods and pace of automation
  • Multiple language option to meet the requisites of different organizations around the globe
  • Performance evaluation tool, based on Smart Score Card (SSC), to efficiently evaluate the performance for appraisals and compensations