Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Our unique features, integrated with latest technological strategies, ensure optimized solutions for all your HCM needs.
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For any organization, employees form the core and are usually the most underrated asset that most organizations today are reluctant in managing due to time constraints. However we operate with certain management tools and solutions that simplify all the aspects associated with Human resources. Our services comprise of specific programs and strategies to address all the issues related to business human resource thus making it one-stop solution for your business needs.

Client Challenges
While HCM solutions offer a lot of opportunities for organizations, at times it does become difficult to effectively manage those agile strategies. However, bringing together all the components of the service – administration, talent acquisition and management, keeping track of attendance, compensation management and other payroll services, per se is a hectic task.
Allow us to manage those components to a more unified and easy accessible; convenient to deploy solutions.

Our Solutions at a Glance

  • Our unique features, integrated with latest technological strategies, ensure optimized solutions for all your HCM needs.
  • Reduces administrative responsibilities with our upgraded technical tools
  • Optimized human resource management with automated kits and system integration
  • Deploying flexible solutions to complement the conventional IT architecture
  • Efficiently configure itself for different requirements
  • Enhanced compliance services to manage smooth functioning of the HCM solutions
  • Applicable and resilient plan of action to sustain all your professional goals at one go
  • Unified and comprehensive solution

Benefits of CloudBig D’s HCM Service
With our specified and target directed service, you will have ample time to focus on core tasks while we manage your resources with utmost standardization and optimization. Following services are:

Single Database
Our single database program is well defined, user friendly and technologically oriented tool to manage the entire establishment through technical applications. Using this tool, various database and valuable information can be managed at ease without the hassle of duplication. Information like payroll, employee personal and professional information, policies, regulations and implementations etc. can be easily organized and managed.

The user friendly approach allows you to access, integrate, track and modify any given information with ease. The built-in tools and the strategy used will enable the complete command to manage the information in compliance with the corporate policies.This tool utilizes user defined information to allow the management to spend more time on core tasks and employee benefits. This tool also can be utilized to assess, define and develop the skills and talent. Thus various tasks can be engaged and organized through our single database system without the aid of human resource time and effort.

HR Support
Our HR services provide you one of the most competitive, expert and valuable counseling related to the Human Resource management. Our experts, with more than decades of experience, are determined to assist you stay on the lead in the current market scheme. Moreover the ever evolving policies and tax regulations etc. will be managed efficiently and optimally. Despite the transforming rules and regulation, out strategies and expertise in HR support and services ensure you stay afloat and continue charging the lead.

Some of the features of our HR support center are:

  • Complete access to the new hiring orientations and automation strategies to effectively reduce time, effort and resources
  • Customizable descriptions for smooth functioning of the organization
  • Separate classification system for orientation, hiring and employment
  • Diverse feedbacks on the strategies and solutions related to HR management and staffing services
  • Updated alert services for proper and reliable compliance
  • Better and enhances IT services to ensure complete reliability and efficacy
  • Effective management of performance, benefits and perks