Employment Contracts and Documentation
ap3Before joining any organization officially, there is subject to the agreement of both employee and employer either officially or verbally. Such an official or even unofficial agreement reserves the right on the parts of both the parties to comply in accordance with it so as to contribute toward smooth functioning of the organization. One of the most simplified agreements is the boundation that demands the time and effort from the employee and the same also reserves the rights of the employee to demand compensation for the services and efforts rendered.

Our Employment Contracts Solutions
Because agreement and/or contract is not easily flowed within or between organizations, some candidates and even employers are of the view that adequate information and no hidden agreement should be exposed while at the time of joining. We strongly encourage transparent and applicable agreement and contract-ship for the smooth functioning of the organization and the professional growth of the employee as a whole.

Some of  Employment Contracts Solutions:

  • Substantial assessment and promoted conception for an optimized and digitalized agreement between the parties
  • Interpretation of the work-based analytics, justified compensation and open and transparent work atmosphere for the quality work flow
  • Assistance in maintain law and order with compliance with global regulatory and work practice including International Labor Organization (ILO)
  • Approved and defined agreement to both the parties to avoid discrepancy
  • Preserving the internal rights of the organization as a whole

Contract and HR Management
HR management solutions provide some of the widely accepted and dissipated information systems so as to govern the current scheme of events in a more radical way. We tend to integrate our HR solutions with company-based employment laws and verticals that are subjected to the exercised by the potential employee in case he/she wishes to express the interest to be associated.Our solutions include complete package that include customized digitalized and print manuals (e-Manuals and documentations) and critical document processing expertise in order to structure the agreement based on the consent and the terms and conditions of the organization in question and should also be convenient for the prospective employee to follow, irrespective of the formulation.

However, organizations differ in industries and business they opt. At CloudBig D, we cover majority of the industries and areas so as to assist majority of the organizations with our plans and executions based on the individual company profiles and employee flexibility.For legal organizations, we have dedicated expertise of lawyers and experts, backed with their decades of experience, working with different law firms and agencies. These experts tend to draft the conditions and terms based on the company requirements and the requisites it is expected on both the associating parties.

For technical industries, we tend to follow the same advanced patters of compliance with all the regulatory bodies (location-specific) and the integration of the individualized terms and agreement of the company.We constantly upgrade our expertise in drafting these valuable and role defining documentation so as to leave no stone unturned in generating a healthy, culture conducive and transparent work atmosphere to benefit both, employee and the employer.

 Some of the features of our Contract Solutions are:

  • Easily accessible and downloadable documents to enhance the efficiency and smooth functioning within the organization
  • Digitalized and print versions to address the individual needs accordingly
  • Expert-oriented and industry-specific agreements to feed the necessary compliance and regulations
  • Keeping track of all the laws and regulations, thereby incorporating them in all our documents and legal papers
  • Preserving the rights of the en masse in order to provide flexible and hassle-free approach
  • Legal support and experts in case of requirements

Cloud Advantage
Our supplemental and permanent staffing solutions are incomplete without the innovative, applicable and affordable contact solutions. Besides the conventional scheme of agreement, we have devised some of the value-added features to enable our clients gain maximum benefit while in collaboration.Some of the striking value-added benefits are:

  • Time-enabled agreement especially for legal and tax benefits so as to ensure optimum investment and avoid extra payment over the due course of time
  • Internal agreement between the employer and the contractual staff for ongoing projects
  • Augmenting accounts division for critical assessment and acquisition evaluation pre and post agreement

CloudBig D strongly holds the fact stated that optimum investment and efforts are critical to avoid the predicament of the legal issues related to:

  • Non-fulfillment of the compliance for regulatory bodies and agencies
  • Lack of optimum of no knowledge related to the labor organization and the associated rights
  • Poorly defined laws for dispute management and conflicts
  • Unclear approach for contract requisites and hazy and fake agreement and demands

Allow us to manage all your issues and hassle related to proper and authentic contract and agreement services. With our clear and concise documentation approach together with deep industry experience and legal support, be ensured to magnify your insights about the transparent contract solutions.