Cloud Staffing Solutions
espimaCloud technology offers numerous benefits to the organizations in many aspects; however, to utilize those applications, it is imperative to have proper expertise and system to complement the technical requirement of the Cloud technology.CloudBigD, with its vast expertise in Cloud applications, offers some of the most pivotal applications of the technology in Staffing and recruitment procedures. These solutions are optimized to properly channel the operations and execute them in a way so as to deploy a service that effectively manages the challenges faced by the organizations and further sort out these issues in a quick and cost effective manner.

Cloud Staffing and Challenges
Prior to any screening, one of the most apparent and robust issues are the identification of prospective client for further assessment and evaluation. However, the scenario is further intensified considering the market demands and the need to establish an effective workforce to carry out the required operations.
Some of the most common challenges are:

  • Lack of expertise to manage information resources and data interpretation
  • Lack of technical systems and tools to gauge the sustainability and reliability for an effective management and evaluation
  • Huge investment cost associated with conventional methods of recruitment
  • Time consuming strategies for resume collection and profile selection

Our Cloud Solutions
CloudBigD has evolved at the turn of the century, covering important facets like operational excellence, organizational standards and business proficiency. Our solutions and the versatility of its applications are testimony to our standard and level of excellence.

Although we are obstinate to cover all our solutions and integrate with them Cloud technology to make them industry ready and future compliance, we tend to offer some of the following solutions, integrated with Cloud technology.

  • Human Resource consultation and training procedures
  • Financial aspects and processing accounts
  • Pre-screening and evaluation before the final selection
  • HR outsourcing and management
  • Payroll management and in-house planning
  • Regulatory compliance solutions
  • Employee benefit and training systems

CloudBigD strongly sticks to the conventional roots of staffing while implementing and integrating latest technical innovations so as to deploy services that are resilient and versatile. We will guide you through each every step to enable the complete business transformation of the organization to a more radical, recently innovated Cloud-enabled enterprise.Our practices are based on the technical applications; some of which are quite novel to most of the service providers and consultation firms. We are constantly evolving, dynamic organization that utilized current data models and effective automated synergy systems to couple the organizational requirement with our practial mode of cloud staffing.

Our Cloud Advantage
We have technical expertise to support and address your every need. We offer value-added services like technical training and documentation besides the conventional software installation procedure.We have provided large enterprises and multinationals the support and the required service needed to meet the end-consumer staffing solutions. Our pioneer technical assistance, career growth training programs and industry-specific approach aims to make the recruitment procedure sophisticated yet simplified, both at the same time.CloudBigD serves all recruitment needs for organizations and enterprises.Our Cloud approach is resilient in its own way. Following are some of the features we offer with our Cloud staffing package.

Better predictability of the position: With our intelligent management and identification system, our Cloud software efficiently responds only to those prospective clients that are matching with the required criteria with their academics and skills
Designing the process: Based on the quantity of the match, our intelligent operating solution tend to perform active task to design a transparent and error-free procedure, thereby saving organizations from investing their valuable time and money.
Candidate engagement: Improved lay-out displays manages the profiles effectively and in real-time. The prospective client is contacted with its integrated email networking tool, evaluating his profile, assessment and thereby recommending further procedures if selected.
Screening and pre-joining procedures: Our solutions also assist the client in negotiations and compensations, benefits and other legal and agreement-based challenges. To ensure you do not invest more than the required amount of the valuable asset, it is well integrated with networking platforms and other profile evaluation tools to stick to the minimum investment as possible
Monitoring performance: Once selected, our Cloud software does not sit idle. It is integrated with customized performance evaluation program that feedbacks the employer about the progress and transition from the probationary phase to the permanent employment.

Our Cloud staffing solutions are researched and studied closely by experts so as to come up with a trending procedure to renovate the outlook of recruitment and staffing as a whole. Our Cloud mode is equipped with latest and advanced technology applications to manage the hiring segment more efficiently and comprehensively.