Applicant Resume Tracking System

CloudBigD’s one of the most admired and robust applicant tracking solutions are designed to enhance the efficacy and the output of the solutions. Our tracking system essentially integrated with the organization’s strategies so as to complement the requisite in a more radical manageable manner.

With CloudBigD’s applicant tracking solution, you can manage contacts and networks, track all your prospective and current candidates, effectively manage the information and valuable reference checks, optimized results and evaluations so as to foster rapid and convenient recruitment procedure.

We are typically focused on the perfect integration with your business operations so as support its forbearance and develop alongwith it in the seminary. The applicant tracking system is based on advanced analytics technology and system tools to gauge the applicant effectively to outperform competition and rival organizations.

CloudBigD understands the need for automation in recruitment process so as to reduce time and effort in achieving the same. Our tracking procedure, automated and quick, enables you to find that best fit in comparatively less time and with no additional investment. The whole recruitment process is streamlined with our tracking procedure so as to provide the Human Resources the efficiency to ease the hiring process.

Our Insights
Our applicant tracking solution integrates advanced intelligent system to provide first-hand insights about the data and its allocation to effectively manage the information for evaluation and placement. Features of the tracking system include:

  • Customizable and configurable tracking system to meet the requisites for local as well professional needs
  • Well designed and optimized user interface to allow better and efficient lay out displays to feed the preferences and evaluation aspects
  • Intelligent operational capability to effectively integrate with the business management systems
  • Web-based software upgradation and implementation

What Do We Offer?
Some of the most robust strategies integrated with our current version of applicant tracking system are:

Openings alert
With our advanced analytic tool and intelligent properties, our tracking system keeps pace with the events and the particular pattern observed. It also collects resumes in a more robust manner thereby enhancing the number of positions available. It provides user wider scope related to the recruitment and information management at a single place.

Integration with major e-mail systems and social media
It tends to collect resumes through every major social media platform and email service providers. This unique integration enables user to quickly and effectively assess and analyse profiles for evaluation.

Resume and profile management
CloudBigD’s tracking system makes recruitment convenient and transparent. Its resume collection and management portfolio enables user to effectively analyse each resume based on the level relatedness for the said position. This not only saves ample amount of time but also saves the organization from investing in order to campaign their open vacancies and data management.

Contact management
You can also upload valuable contact and clients’ contacts on its onboard database that effectively merges the requisites with the client information so as produce user-defined result in quick time. This also notifies the prospective client about the opening and the roles and responsibilities associated if selected after the initial evaluation.

Email accessibility
Track all your communication with the client for details, documents and other contacts at one place. Its email integration along with the data merging ability makes of its kind in the market.

Integration with diverse applications and plug-ins
We focused on providing a technologically sound service so as to let you integrate with most critical applications such as Calendar, Email and Contacts with just single user log in.

Why Choose US?
CloudBigD has always been upfront in providing technologically advanced and user-defined solutions for staffing needs. Our latest applicant tracking system, backed by the strong industry-specific orientation and deep research-based development, is one of the best solutions to be considered in its class.

Some of the features of our services that aim to address your needs are:
Central Access System (CAS): Our tracking system made it simpler to access all the important files and documents with its centralized database. The user can not only access and track the information but can also evaluate on the basis of the customizable pre-screening procedures and objectives.

Comprehensive Tracking: Our tracking service is unique and technically sound so as to provide easy, accessible and rapid recruitment solution as opposed to conventional and manual recruitment protocols.

Automated System: Automation enables quick and efficient transfer of information, reliable evaluation protocols and lacking mundane manual procedures.

Customizable: Our tracking solutions are customizable to enable you to make any changes or modifications in accordance with the market trends. From information dissipation to screening filters, you can customize depending upon your requisites and desires.

Quick and Efficient Process: CloudBigD’s tracking system is designed with latest technical applications and tools to empower development and intelligent apps, thereby resulting in fast, robust and convenient to operate procedures.