Management Team
CloudBigD’s leadership brings global perspective, expert industry experience and passion for innovative and creative professionalism into their leadership qualities. Our leadership believes that who a able to challenge the way they work today will be able to bring a whole lot of changes in the future for a better tomorrow. The leadership of CloudBigD works together to bring new ideas, inspiration and vigorous passion and ensure our clients is benefitted by their association with us. Our leadership guide and support our clients with access to the latest and relevant technology to solve their problems and march ahead to success in their business Endeavour. CloudBigD continually incubates new approaches and services to prepare clients for the acceptance of new technologies with significant business potential.

CloudBigD focuses on technologies that help to reduce costs, streamline processes and speed up to the market expectations. A key element of this approach is our state of the art well equipped office and knowledged professional team that provides technology, services and solutions to help clients on their transformation initiatives. We provide solutions to contextually develop apply and govern the transformation with vision and strategy to implement enterprise Service Oriented Architecture and professional governance. We help our clients to revitalize, componentize and re-engineer legacy systems and applications as part of the transformation journey. We guide them to adopt high performance computing architectures to increase the speed and intensive applications for their success. Our leadership leads by example