What We Offer

At CloudBigD, we provide the assistance of the experienced, thoughtful and qualified consultant to enable your company team up the most professional and best suited employee. From company’s perspective our services are adamant to hire the motivated, skillful intellectuals who will drive the company’s progress while from employee’s point of view; we aim to provide the best platform for your professional need.

From production, quality control and logistics to office administration, we provide high grade and reproducible recruitment operations through our expert consultants. Our expert panel executed every recruitment procedure and makes sure to attend the needs of the clients and the hired candidates. Our prime objective is to match the needs of both, the organization and the candidate in order to produce a perfect fit for the mutual forbearance and growth. Our consultants are trained experts with a vast market expertise, well versed with the company objectives and the candidate’s professional requirement.

Our main areas of staffing include:

  • Administration
  • Contract/Permanent staffing
  • Quality Control
  • Production and Planning
  • Professional staffing
  • KPOs and BPOs staffing
  • Mortgage staffing
  • Finance and Business implementation

Staffing Professionals
Our staffing consultants are obstinate to help you recruit the best match for the given position. Candidates range from managers, supervisors, consultant, administrators and professionals to carry our different tasks and management.Our staffing professional solutions are robust in nature so as to present pre-screened and qualified individuals to reduce further investment of your resources in assessment, analysis and recruiting procedures.

We are obstinate to carefully assess the need for your professional staffing. Not to recommend piles of resumes but to present individuals with certain set of skills required to meet your requirement for the particular project.These professionals are recruited based on their commitment and dedication towards the assigned task while considering the skills, qualities and abilities concomitantly.

Our professional staffing division is one of the pioneers in providing you the right match for your professional needs. We deliver optimized and comprehensive staffing solutions right from the entry level to executive levels.Our flexible solutions help you to assess your requirement with position analysis tool to gauge the essential academic requirement and the expertise. We tailor our solutions to manage all your needs – temporary professional staffing, direct placements, contract projects and MSPs.

We expertise in the following areas of professional staffing:

  • Procurement
  • Human Resources
  • Planning and Management
  • Administrative staffing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Executive

In-house Services
Our priority is to help you find the most trusted work force coupled with efficient and reliable technical assistance to make your establishment progress. In order to address the same, we provide the following in-house services;

Human resource consultation
To assist you in gaining better operational efficiency, improved quality and management through better staffing and recruitment procedures.

  • Operations Optimization: Our strategical program gives you a more radical concept to dissipate the workforce to compliment the requisites of the project.
  • On-spot Managers/Supervisors: Professionals who can blend in with your company’s strategy to meet the potential output thus avoiding any hindrance towards the business prosperity.
  • Operation Management & Execution: In order to manage and utilize the workforce in a voluminous organization, we provide executive assistance as planning and execution, technical solutions and production quality management.

Corporate Service
We provide our customers a specialized and comprehensive program to meet all their staffing needs. Financial management and risk diminution is met by specialized site-directed accounts system. Our staffing consultation helps you in specialty recruitment, programs and assistance for improving and retaining employees.

We understand the imperative nature of your professional need and also the associated challenges in order to effectively deploy the same. While most organizations do not realize the importance of corporate solutions to optimize their requisites, they tend to aggravate the issues, thereby outrunning the little opportunity they have for the extensive development.

Client Challenges

  • Improper or inadequate skills
  • Extreme reporting – excessive or least
  • Conventional solutions and the lack of networking and integration
  • Lack of coordination between contractors and service operators
  • Cost of resource maintenance and financial audits
  • Distorted networking between process and planning
  • Lack of implicative procedures and efficient operations

How We Deliver?
Our professional corporate solutions have been perfected over the years with the valuable customer feedback and the ability to effectively analyse and deploy services critical to the functionality of the organization.

We have designed our solution to address the need of wide spectrum of clients from different niches with varied transaction modules. We are determined to optimize and deliver services that enhance the capability of the operation while addressing the challenges associated with cost, resource and time.

Our Benefits

  • Dedicated expertise/panel for client
  • Customized and client-specific solutions including back-office services and financial assessment
  • Solutions to merge platforms and ideate trends for novel modules

Our strength lies in the expertise of our panel which comprises of professionals from different precincts, each with its own unique set of ideologies so to empower your professional staffing and corporate needs and to foster the development in a more radical and rapid way.