Skill Enhancement
CloudBigD offers an array of services and assistance to prospective recommendations so as to rise up to the expectations and the standards required for the organization operations and processes. We are dedicated to provide training and guideline programs to enhance the professional, technical and academic knowledge and skills needed to excel in the corporate organizations.

Since the inception of the technology, we have integrated almost all of our offerings and solutions at the technology-innovation interface so as to outperform the competitive mandates and challenges faced by organization in recruiting and candidates for securing a position.

CloudBigD works in close communion with small and large enterprises, agencies and corporations to assist them in increasing their standards and the associated skills. We are open end source to help those in need and anyone, with a desire to achieve the required skill or to enhance the conventional qualification can benefit from us.


Program Insights
Our Skill Enhancement Training Program (SETP) is designed so as to develop the cost-effective and robust methodology to aim clients or candidates in this fast-paced market. Some of the features of the program are summarized below.

  • Conventional strategies and guidance using textbooks, handouts and related documentation
  • Advanced program based on assessment and enhancement strategy, technical skill modifications using online analytic tools and softwares
  • Locally designed development program to suit every need and organization
  • Class-room programs for people looking to land a job or making through the rigorous screening process
  • Self-awareness and assessment training programs for freshers and graduates
  • Expert-driven training modules and courses

Primary focus of the SETP is to alleviate the employer-response for the candidates who are willing to work full-time or on contract basis with any given organization. Our services are in line with the monetary efficiencies and concerns so as to allow maximum benefit to the parties (organization and the candidate) without any financial restriction.

Our solutions are typically reviewed and updated with leading academic experts for complete outlook of the industry and deep academic knowledge.

Our Professional Services
We provide a wide range of comprehensive and extensive training and enhancement programs for all organizations. Although different in approaches, they all share the same common platform and are designed on the versatile industry framework.

Training Programs
We offer a range of training procedures that are directed to enhance the conventional skill set and deepen the industry-oriented knowledge for trainers, managers, trainees and even executives. Some of the most apparent features of the Training Program include:

  • Assessment and Validation Procedures
  • Proactive industry engagement and practical applications
  • Skills related to team management, leadership, ethical practices and training
  • Advanced tools and analytics for monitoring current performance
  • Assessment and placement consultations based on the pre-screening and performance evaluation

Traineeships and Market Insights
Collaboration with us in Training modules assist you in developing effective and more radical approach to achieve the desired business market place. We offer complete range of associated-training modules so as to assist organizations to work effectively in relation to apprenticeships and traineeships for a resilient and typically sound workforce.

  • Evaluation and assessment based on market performance
  • Eligibility standards for complex and typical operations
  • Enhancing the analytical and leadership verticals for executive posts
  • Team management and individual performance enhancement

Industry-oriented Workshops
We offer diverse and extensive industry oriented workshops and training programs to equip the clients to face the challenges of the industries and convert them into opportunities. We provide enhancement and personality development program to complement the workshop procedures so as to entertain the market sustainability and efficient practices for an overall business objective.

Our workshop program typically addresses:

  • Industry engagement and practical applicability of the strategies
  • Monitoring and effective evaluation for better and improved, technically sound team and workforce

Vocational Training Programs
CloudBigD’s vocational training and mentorship programs typically composed of:

  • Optimized and effective, industry-ready strategies and skill enhancing technical knowledge
  • Experts representing organizations, academic institutes and business corporations for an all-round enhancement
  • Motivational training module inside the package

Our vocational programs are well-equipped with the industry information and knowledge and has deep scientific and technical touch so as to stay put all-round information and skills required for the organization for the prospective recommendation.

Our vocational training program provides:

  • Comprehensive and analytic approach to challenges and issues
  • Collaborative approach to the industry verticals and operations as a whole
  • Effective and reliable strategies for local requisites and industry-specific needs
  • Fasten compliance with ethical practices and validated solutions so as to ensure smooth functionality

Cloud Advantage
At CloudBigD, we hold strong ground on the sharing and implementation of the information so as to foster growth and development of the organization and the individual as well.

Our training modules and vocational programs are networked in order to provide clients the opportunity to gel with similar minded people to share ideologies and tactics to effectively deploy to meet challenges more profoundly and efficiently. These networking modules are critical in improving company standards, influence sponsors and agencies for collaboration procedures and govern leading compliances in a more radical manner.

Our Networking features:

  • Sharing platforms for training and resource information
  • Promoting ethical practices and solutions
  • Widen the network seminary with evaluation and accessibility
  • Technical tools and systems for effective deployment and implementation
  • Easy and convenient access to updated information and industry resource
  • Personal as well as professional development strategies and training assistance
  • Facilitation the program verticals to widen the scope and sustainability
  • Flexible and customized solutions to suit the organizational as well as local requisites