Proactive Employee Engagement
ap3The current era of technology offers some of the most potent and resilient methods for meeting the requisites of staffing. Besides the conventional understanding of the solutions, you can more so as to enhance the value for the operations suitable for your financial and business needs. Apart from the innovative functionality, you need strategies so as to foster candidate engagement, defining the requirement precisely and effectively, reviews and queries and the final reference checks.

While many companies tend to be on the back foot in terms of proactive prospective candidate engagement, there is urgent need to integrate the communication with social networking, personal contacts and other platforms in order to avoid the lost touch with the top candidates. It is imperative to maintain a healthy communication with the candidates. One of the most active and proven strategy is to keep a decent contact via email, social networking media, or keeping them inclined with weekly or monthly newsletters, regular subscriptions to magazines or career section updates etc.It is healthy on the part of an organization to not only keep a close contact with the candidates but also to keep both the parties in active association. Managers can talk about their products, services, teams and ongoing projects in the latest issue of the company newsletters etc.

CloudBigD is always at the upfront specially referring to the staffing solutions. We strongly believe in the fact that ‘a great organization is propelled by its great employees’.We provide some of the most applicable and strategically sound technical solutions and assistance so as to engage the candidates as well as the potential employer in a dynamic and proactive engagement.We cannot simply avoid the employer aspect in the staffing solution, since the other aspect is equally critical for an overall optimized recruitment procedure.
 Our Solutions
Before we list out features for an active candidate-employer engagement (ACE), it is important for the employer to define the requirements and the skills you are looking for in the potential candidate.

  • Defining the terms and requisites as per the available position
  • More robust screening procedures to complement the working suite and the organization efficiency
  • Better and more reliable talent acquisition strategies based on client-specific requirement
  • Making progress through optimized and well-planned solutions to identify top performers and technical minds in the competitive organizations
  • Scanning the best employees to suit the organizational contemporary style of operations and working
  • Restating terms and process for better applicability and suitability of the employee for an enhanced employee-employer juncture

Employee Engagement and Assessment
At CloudBigD, we focus on taking the typical ‘interviews’ one step ahead to meet the standards of out staffing solutions. Let alone exposing the candidate with the operations and the processes, it plays a pivotal role in getting deep-candidate insights, his work ethics and professional passion and personal interests.Some of the features of our solutions for achieving the proactive engagement include:

  • Better technical screening and personal gauge
  • Improved tools and analytics to assess the achievements both pre and post corporate experience
  • Technically-driven online assessments applications for smooth and rapid candidate engagement
  • Reliable documentation and questionnaires to gauge the top performers, achievements and future prospects
  • Exceptional feedback solutions on reference checks and employee engagement with the previous organization
  • Excellent employee profile and work satisfaction (based on the organization profile) to constantly keep him on the feet