Enterprise Bill Management
Most of the organizations tend to generate bills and receipts for their production, manufacturing and operations. However, how many of those actually been able to manage those bills effectively. With the advent of technology and online tools, companies are relying more on the softwares and tools to manage their bills. Though effective early on, it tends to get accumulated over the years, thereby making the management difficult and strenuous.

CloudBigD’s Enterprise Bill Management (EBM) is secure, quick and easy to execute.Our EBM solution lets you manage your accounts, ports and transactions from one point access. This not only makes the process easy to use but also enables you to effectively manage your resources and assess the expenses in a more profound manner. You tend to gain more ground on your invoice and the associated procedure for payment or transaction.

Our solutions are secure so as to give your organization a peace of mind in every transaction and payment. We provide secure portal over which you can make the payments and process the invoice.These services are automated so as to reduce the time as well saving the environment by implementing paperless solutions.


Enterprise Bill Management and Execution
At CloudBigD, we understand your need for enterprise complexity and the requirement to deploy effective and resilient service to address those needs.

Our services are especially designed to meet the ever-changing market tenets, thus incorporating diverse enterprise mobility solutions.

We are ardent to deliver safe, secure, reproducible and valued services together with the trust our brand has developed over the course of time.

Management and Assessment
Our intelligent services are equipped with automated systems and alerts that guide you to create your own, user-defined revenue management tool and the schedule for generating receipts or bills. These services are quite effective in managing each and every step starting from the foremost sale to the cancellation or invoice generation, giving detailed information at every step for optimization.

Integrated Solutions
One of the most versatile features of out EBM is its ability to complement the existing and/or conventional enterprise bill management solutions. At times, these solutions are not that standard to address the need of enhanced market requisites. Thus, in order to preserve the data, we have devised unique integration services to lead domains like finance, accounting and other leverage processes. Our solutions are based on advanced technological output, that determines the necessity of the recurring business model so as to complement the existing IT enterprise solution in a more radical and profound manner.

Complex Management Protocols
Our EBM solutions are complex in nature, with quality features that enables the user to effectively deploy enterprise solutions to manage complex data, ease of integration and fair usage policy to monitor the revenue dissipation in a more comprehensive manner.

Diversified Application
Our solutions are tested and are approved by leading enterprise in effective management of transactions – worth more than million per month. These automated services are quick, delivering response rate to fraction of a second.

We are particularly determined to provide an overall enterprise management solution to deliver horizontal scalability in the required amount of time. These services enable our collaborators to reduce time, cost and enhance productivity to more apparent levels. To make sure your data is safe, we exercise utmost level of security and caution to meet the compliances and regulatory bodies for an optimized enterprise solution.

Our EBM solutions are customized in order to preserve the organization policy across different customers and verticals. Our individualized EBM solutions have some of the following features, enhancing business efficiency and reliability:

  • Spans the whole enterprise vertical for billing and invoice settlement
  • Predictable and intelligent solutions for revenue modeling and client-specific models for optimized revenue flow and support agreements
  • Better and improved invoice management systems for compensation utilization and consumer-derived inputs
  • Flexible billing and transaction strategies for subscriptions and enterprise-specific billing generation service
  • Effective solutions for partner-collaborator juncture for an error-free and rapid processing
  • Value-added services for supporting agreements, benefits and transactions

Cloud Benefits
We are obstinate to provide a safe and secure bill management solution so as to foster the transaction to take place in a more conducive and versatile environment.

With CloudBigD billing and invoice solutions, you have the advantage of the following principles, which by far, are most secure, robust and applicable for any given industry or organization.

Website safety and security
Log in to your secure session with OTP for all your transaction so avoid threats and vulnerability to cyber-attacks, phishing and coder theft challenges.

SSL encryption
To secretly encode the information that is being shared over the internet. We provide 128b RC4TGF encryption for all the transactions and other information and resource transfer.

Certificate authenticity
We provide valuable certificate authority to all our customers with a unique identification code generated for each and individual transaction.