US Federal Government
ufegWith the advent of technology, countries and thus organizations have transformed their operation in every precinct. From air defense support, land and even water; organizations have refurbished agencies, government and even capitals for their safety, efficiency and reliability.CloudBigD’s It-based federal services aims at delivers solutions in a confederate way so as to assist clients’ grab opportunities amidst the fierce challenges. However, achieving a level of trust in federal services requires a lot of ground-work, networking and innovative strategies to deliver high performance federal services. These services are customized with latest technical and government issued tools to meet the requisites and requirement of the future generations through better networking of resources and security.

To assist clients address the challenges, we have integrated IT-enabled solutions with complex and sophisticated information systems so as to help them reduce their operational cost, increase efficiency and reliability and promote development.

Industry Challenges

  • Organization-specific risk management
  • Managing risk associated with inter- and intra-sector processes
  • Lack of appropriate labor to address the federal demands
  • Clean-up operations and effectivity
  • Global threat reductions and extensive ‘clean-up’ approach
  • Scaling up performance

Our IT Solutions
Defense Services
CloudBigD provides IT defense services to meet the goals, requisites and cost value of the military operations for a better and smooth operational establishment, operation management and dexterity. These services are custom enabled to meet the deadlines while ensuring the operational prosperity. Our efficient and comprehensive approach assists federal agencies, military organizations and defense and intelligence communities to achieve a more radical approach for their operations backed by our service Intel. We improvise business performance, process management and cost reduction.
Some of the most important and robust application features are:

  • Core technology integration to justify the requisites more effectively which includes software and system approach, cloud-based computing, integrated cyber security systems, application integration and development
  • More technology-oriented strategies to enable optimal usage of resource, waste management and recycle
  • Better time-to-manage with our extensive information systems integration

Quick and efficient monitoring solutions
Postal Services
Advancement toward a more reliable and properly managed federal communication system would require a well-researched, secure and comprehensive approach to meet the ends. However, the level of postal utilization for the delivery and operation ability is limited; it remains as one of the key means though.
We provide:

  • IT-specific organizational postal services
  • Smart processing IT solutions
  • IT-enabled digitalization of the conventional postal system

Integrated IT treasury solutions, related to finance management, are but an integral part of the community’s economy. Our IT-specific treasury services aims at delivering; corporates and financial bodies, public as well as private sector, technology establishments and defense sector. We operate in:

  • Mitigating associated risk management
  • Automated monitoring of the process and capability
  • Reducing complexity and enhancing operation efficiency
  • Globalization and Digitalization

Public Safety & Health
In order to sustain a well-developed, sound and healthier atmosphere, it’s essential for the organizational and community leaders to realize the importance of more personalized-based services, innovative mindset and productivity enhancement upfront to deal with the challenges faced by safety and health community.
CloudBigD is stringent in providing safety and health solutions to meet the community requisites.

  • Digitalization of the health and safety reforms
  • Optimized strategy and technology
  • Customer solutions
  • Safety Protocols delivery and operations
  • Information management
  • Community health management

Public service communities must realize the four fundamentals to sustain a better outcome –advancing toward customer defined services, innovative operations, and a cross-agency commitment to mission productivity.

What makes us unique?
Our IT solutions work in close proximity with leading federal agencies across the globe. This enables us to have a more clear introspection on the mechanisms, guidelines and regulatory compliances, we need to focus upon.Integration of IT solutions has further added value to our services, thereby allowing us to shape our solutions into more a robust, practically feasible solutions for you to deploy.We deal in every type and sector of the industry – private, hybrid, public and enterprise. We have our grounds in:

  • Federal Management and Procurement
  • Federal Supply Chain
  • Defense Logistics
  • Federal Contracting and Consultation
  • Federal IT
  • Defense Contracting
  • Federal Health and IT solutions