postalimageWhile the technology has offered some of the most comprehensive applications to ease the operations related to communication, transport, and what not, various sectors are still relying on the traditional use of the various modes.Postal industry, in its widest definition, is not only an integral of the second set of the society but is also manipulating the trend of postal communication like none other. Moreover, organizations seeking high performance in delivery and customer satisfaction are relying more on developing the almost-dead, traditional postal service industry and transforming it into a more robust and technically-sound industry. With so many services and offerings, the industry is at the verge of extinction owing to the reduce dependency or perhaps the integration of the latest technological innovations in the operations.

At Cloud BigD, we provide some of the most resilient IT solutions to empower organizations in gaining high profitability and sustainable postal operations so as to maintain the competitive edge in this technologically advanced market. Additionally, our solutions are based on the latest technological applications to address the challenges faced by postal agencies and organizations in digitalizing and monitoring and management.

Industry Challenges
Postal organizations tend to leverage the available resources to develop and maintain their conventional operations effectively. However, in this fast-paced, technologically advanced market, it becomes difficult for industries to focus and leverage the insufficient resources. Additionally, other factors besides revenue management and strategies to develop novel products and services to promote networking are also critical in enhancing the current scenario of the postal industry.
Some of the most common challenges faced by postal organizations are:
• Generating and maintaining exponential revenue resources
• Cost effective models for operations and paper work
• Precision and accuracy in postal delivery
• Convenience in managing paper work
• Cost associated with predictive analysis and monitoring
• Enhancing core operations and promoting development
• Supply chain management
• Managing workforce
• Inefficient traditional infrastructure
• Large amount of raw data
• Efficient customer relationship and efficiency

Our Solutions
CloudBig D provides some of the most reliable and robust IT postal solutions to assist organizations bridge the gap between the resource-deficient operations and the market requisites. Our flexible IT solutions aim at delivering high performance and also enhance organizational capabilities to ensure continuous growth.We offer services ranging from technology, application, consultation and management to address the challenges of the society and the market more efficient and in a time-bound manner.One of the most striking characteristics of our IT postal solutions is the broad expertise in the postal operations precinct, together with industry-specific, customer-centric approach to promote the development of the organization.

Digitalization of the Mail Portfolio
We provide latest IT solutions to help your operations in terms of speed, efficiency and security. Transformation of most of the operations is carried out to avoid data loss, more efficient delivery, rapid screening and dissipation.

Smart Postal Services
Our broad spectrum of IT postal solutions aims at integrating novel technologies to complement your traditional ‘desk services’ in a more radical manner. This integration will remodel the core solutions and will transform them into a more comprehensive and convenient to operate mode of operation.

Postal Processing and Data Management
We intend to keep the data loss at minimum by offering exclusive IT solutions to manage data loss perks, data processing, and management. Our efficient support system and sound technical expertise ensure your operations never run out of juice in the market.

Our Advantage
Besides providing the assistance and solutions to address all the challenges efficiently, our broadly classified IT postal solutions and services also aim at developing the core operational efficiency. We are adamant in channeling the resources to the right corner so as to make efficient pathways to capitalization, management and networking.
Some of the highlights of our solutions are:
• Diversity and Networking
• Efficiency and Conveniency
• Reliability and Resiliency