cmarFinancial regulatory practices and reforms have both facets of the coin. While at one hand, they tend to provide more flexible solutions to organization and agencies, associated, for governance practices and risk management, on the other hand the have detrimental effects on the increased cost, resource and overall profitability.CloudBigD, with its vast industry experience and well-tailored approach, provides next-generation IT financial solutions delivering high-performance and managing efficiency of the practices. Our solutions aim to serve the finance sector with a more robust and reproducible strategy, making use of IT solutions and latest technical advancements.

Industry Challenges
The paradigm shift in the financial sector has seriously implicated the business operations for most of the organizations offering financial solutions, banks both private and public etc. We have jot down some of the most resilient challenges as under:

  • Lack of consolidated approach for risk management
  • Resource leakage and funds management
  • Significant regulatory cost
  • Cost associated with model efficiency and safety

Our Solutions
Banking and Financial Services
Most of the companies, industries and even financial establishment, today, face tons of challenges in this arena. For some organizations, the need to establish a secured financial major capital is of utmost criticality; however, there are organizations that focus on being subjective to the requisites.
Our IT solutions help define the appropriate structural and information systems network required to address the shift in a more radical manner. Major areas being:

  • Ever-changing regulatory compliance
  • Paradigm shift in the finances
  • Objective strategy required to address the transition
  • Transitional cost and equipment efficiency
  • Demanding customer satisfaction and
  • Enhanced operational costs

In order to meet those challenges, whilst maintaining the operational efficiency, we provide the services as:

  • Advances market analysis algorithms to ensure you adapt to the scenario quickly
  • Optimized financial investments
  • Cost reduction with better production strategies
  • Enhances operations and operational stability
  • Robust and processed financial solutions to meet ends

Financial Services and Capital Markets
In this ever-validating and variation-based stimulating market, it does become tedious to thrive in the financial commission. However, the current trend and the leading financial business aim at percolating the innovating ideas and channel them into better operations so as to bring the best out of it. At CloudBigD, we are determined in doing just the same.

  • Supervision of finances, transactions, and markets
  • International relations Crowdfunding resources
  • Managing capital funds and venture organization
  • Long-term financing and patterning solutions
  • Settlement and Clearance of depositories
  • Investment funds and security
  • Banking Union and inter-community reforms
  • Central Securities Depositories
  • SME finance strategies

Insurance and Financial Services
Our IT-based insurance consultation service provides substance despite the changes in the markets, demographic differences and regulations. These services ensure the minimum loss of the finance resource while enhancing the business.

  • Experts with vast expertise in assisting with better insurance strategies and approach to mandate the market requisites
  • In-house consultation and better reforms for fast-track products and solutions
  • More flexible plans and reduced claims and operational costs
  • Better financial operations with optimized and enhanced approach
  • Better customer relationships

These financial solutions are well-researched to meet the necessities of the markets, effective operations, balanced business and production model and for better formulations for an overall better customer experience.
Our Advantage
CloudBigD financial solutions broadly covers every aspect of the finance industry, thereby is more efficient in addressing the challenges that the clients face. We have our roots in infrastructure, applications, system integration, security and implementation services.
Our solutions have the following mandates that make it one of the comprehensive set of services in the seminary.

  • Inbuilt process to effectively integrate applications, system analogs and IT models
  • Seamless business processing and management with Intelligent System Monitors (ISMs)
  • Our rapid monitoring and decoding solutions help effective integration of the application for pattern study, resource management and infrastructure versatility
  • Collaborating with banks, financial institutions and capitals to provide a more tangible and efficacious touch to the business