defenseinGlobal crisis pertaining to insurgency and threat has been rapid proliferating and degrading the environment conducive for growth and development. As a defense establishment, the need of the hour is to cope up with the issues and address the challenges in a more budget-oriented and environment-friendly manner. However, seldom organizations are able to ensure these bridging gaps. Moreover, the varied intensity conflicts and areas prone to arguments have further compounded the current scenario.

CloudBigD understands the technicalities and insufficiency associated with these challenges. We provide some of the most admired and technology sound IT defense solutions that can help organizations generate and implement strategies that are more radical and actionable.With our vast expertise and networking with some of the leading players in defense sector, we ensure that your strategies will never run out of juice.At CloudBigD, we have equipped our IT solutions to engineer these gaps in the system and empowering the organization to combat the related challenges so as to maintain the conducive-nature of the society.

Our IT solutions have typically integrated some of the essential, and perhaps most critical, applications of communication and information technology so as to impart a competitive edge in this gray hour. We act by sharing the needful information between sectors in defense arena in a real-time manner.

Industry Challenges
We have listed some of the common challenges faced by defense establishments.

  • Lack of comprehensive and versatile Intel for monitoring local operation, practices and solutions
  • Inappropriate means of deploying set of defense-related solutions for addressing key aspects of national security
  • Varied and dynamic nature of the insurgency; pertaining to both local as well as international
  • Blind-fold dependency on the conventionally available technological applications for managing and addressing issues and challenges

Our Solutions
IT Solutions and Scalability
We manage and execute operations based on their global exposure, technical resiliency and customer-defined renovation. Our IT solutions and technical expertise aim for scaling up the processes in a more secure and efficient manner.Despite the current insufficiencies, we stand tall with our specific and customizable IT services.

Logistics and Defense Management
Our IT enabled logistics and defense solutions are typically designed to assist defense enterprises with their resource procurement, advanced IT defense applications, IT-system integrated strategies for logistics and localization of the operations in order to avoid, if any, conflicts.

IT-directed Intelligence
Our IT enabled Intel and Intelligence solutions supports defense organizations to invoke reinforcements provide local intelligence support and expert-based assistance to follow up with the incurred conflict and insurgencies. Our IT solutions have integrated advanced system engineering applications to ensure a ‘protective escort’ in times of threat and national security.

Value-added IT solutions
Our autonomous, comparatively resilient IT solutions help to gain a more light and depth of the incurred threat. Not only lifting the conventional restriction in exploiting the available resources, we have advanced IT monitoring tools to gauge, evaluate and assess the situation before it runs out of hand.
Some of the most essential features of our IT defense solutions are:

  • Assessing the durability and agility of organizational assets, local Intel and formation
  • Demographic analysis with IT-enabled analytics
  • Reinforcement assessment and deployment
  • Automated control systems for order enhancement and restrictive barriers
  • IT-enabled budget monitoring and efficient cost-effective procedures
  • Equipment evaluation for standalone procedures and insurgencies
  • Expertise in providing professional guidance and technical assistance for operation efficiency and resiliency
  • IT-specific automated programs for analysis, maintenance, upgradation and deployment

Our Value-added Benefits
Rapid dissemination of the classified resources, reports and briefings with our lightning fast IT solutionsCommon transponder for efficient receiving and delivery of Intel when appropriate
Complementing IT services for effective integration with the long-standing organizational assets, systems and tools.Enhanced strategic relationships with organizations and defense establishments for an improved and robust security operation.Configurable IT solutions to efficiently merge with your security operations and processes