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A knowledgeable-kept tibia is actually an isolated remaining function from the PFV 297 (PEFO 34273; Numbers 10l–o)

5.7.12 Tibia

The fresh new proximal head of tibia is a lot lengthened similarly to aetosaurs; Parrish ( 1986 ) recommended the lengthened tibial head tends to be an excellent synapomorphy from the fresh aetosaurs. Like aetosaur tibiae, this new proximal body of one’s tibia when you look at the Roentgen. callenderi try split up by the a ridge on a couple equivalent sized a bit concave medial and you can horizontal condyles (Figures 10l–o). Brand new proximal surfaces of the medial and you can horizontal condyles is actually concave, and you will a distinct lip is available where in actuality the a couple condyles meet. Brand new proximal head of your own tibia is significantly offered mediolaterally relative towards the diameter of your axle to the ideal expansion medially (Profile 10n). Continue reading