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Move Pick a minimum of one or more to six keywords from listing supplied.

Step – identify all writers of paper. You happen to be instantly put as basic author. More writers perhaps added along with purchase modified utilizing the purchase drop-down box in the first line with the counter. These authors should be outlined. Remember to take advantage of a€?Finda€™ icon in order to prevent duplication of records. If any co-authors normally do not but need accounts on ScholarOne compositions, enter their information to provide a brand new profile and they will generally be advised by mail.

Your order of writers on ScholarOne should fit that to the PDF; the a€?first authora€™ would be the one whose identity looks 1st in this particular set. The a€?corresponding authora€™ will be the a person to become listed so from the final published paper, whilst the a€?contact authora€™ may be the individual we will equate with throughout peer evaluation and book systems. The a€?submitting authora€™ was whichever creator completes the manuscript agreement procedures. In many instances all of these are definitely the exact same people, but there’s no need for this and additionally they are various if necessary.

Step 5 – Authors may additionally designate specific editorial staff members and writers they would like never to evaluate their unique papers. Explanations must be granted into the employment cover letter (next phase). The editor program shall be notified for the request, but is under no obligation to offer they.

Move 6 – a cover letter might included below, that are observed by content company only (that is,. Continue reading