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Ins and outs away from an enthusiastic environmentalist, publisher, philosopher, poet, and you will artist

Enneagram Tritype 469 – The newest Hunter

If you’re 469, you’re easy to use, interested and you may recognizing. We want to be amazing, certain and you can quiet. You are an extremely sensitive and certainly will experience severe attitude off self-question and you can suspicion. Thus you want multiple resources of confirmation. We need to end up being individualistic but could anxiety becoming separate regarding anybody else.

Yourself objective would be to raise the concerns pertaining to this new mysteries out-of lifetime and show your results with individuals. A genuine seeker, you are happiest when you feel you could answer fully the question away from who you are.

You will end up so worried about your emotions, insecurities and you may second thoughts as possible feel paralyzed of the worry of making the wrong decision as well as becoming misled or duped. Continue reading